Odds in Craps

Best Bets and Odds

It’s a common statement that Craps is the simplest casino online game. It is also a game of luck and fortune. So to achieve success at playing Craps it’s important to know odds in Craps on certain numbers. According to Craps rules your odds in Craps are based on the numbers and their possible variations. Look through Craps tips section to find out best tips developed for this game.

In Craps the highest odds have number 7 as it has the highest number of possible combinations. By analyzing craps number variations, we can state that total of 7 will be fallen once in 6 rolls. To play the game perfectly player has to understand the bets and possible odds. This must help to predict you the best decisions for the game.

If you want to get numbers from 4-5 you have to make from 3-4 rolls accordingly in order to receive possible, true odds 2:1 for 4 and 3: 2 for 5. The same situation is with total of 8. It has 5 combinations and odds from 6: 5. Both 9 and 10 has the same odds as 4 and 5 with the same number of rolls and so on. This is how you can calculate your possible odds for every number.
Online casino payouts do not depend on true odds. Only if you wager the so-called free odds – you can rely on casino payoffs. Free odds decrease the casinos house edge and you can make these free bets within your initial bet.

Bets in Craps – Pass/Don’t Pass Bets

When this bet is placed it means that gambler plays with or against the shooter accordingly. The house advantage for this bet is 1.41%.

Come/Don’t Come Bets

Come Bets are similar to Pass Line ones. Though, these bets are placed after you’ve made a roll. Both these bets: Come Bets and Pass bets are the best in Craps online game. The casino’s house edge is the same as in previous bets.

Place Bets

These bets are available for numbers from 4-6 and from 8-10. This kind of bets means that you wait for the specific number to come before the 7 will be rolled. Numbers 6 and 8 will have a payout of 6$ and 4-5 with 9-10 will have a 5$.