Tips for Proper Roulette Play

Proper Roulette Play

Roulette is an exciting, fast paced, popular casino game with high payouts. The rules are simple, pick a number or group winorama casino no deposit bonus of numbers and place a wager. The dealer will spin the wheel and shoot the ball in the opposite direction, if it lands on a number you’ve selected, you win.

When joining a roulette table, there is a certain etiquette that must be followed in order to continue playing the game. The following tips will allow you to slide into any roulette game and participate in a professional manner. These include:

  • You can cover other chips
  • You can place bets after the ball is spun
  • Don’t place bets after the dealer says, “No more bets”

Unlike many other games, everyone is given a different colored set of chips. Therefore, if another player is on a number you’d like to bet, don’t get discouraged. In Roulette its acceptable to place your wager on top of the chips of another player.

Also unlike other casino games where bets cannot be made after action has begun, Roulette allows betting after the ball has been spun. The dealer will always indicate when betting has ceased. This usually occurs when the ball begins to slow down. At that time the dealer will waive their hands and yell out, “no more bets.” Any bets made after this do not count.

Since roulette has a high house edge, it’s a difficult game to consistently beat. There is one pointer for winning in the short term; play at a full table. Finding a full game will offer approximately 30 spins per hour. This will slow down the amount of time your amount is susceptible to the house edge.

There are many individuals that claim to have the next best roulette system that will win every time. Unfortunately, this is never the case. Over the long-term, the house will always come out on top. The final tip is to never buy into any roulette systems, be it on the Internet or in person. It will simply result in lost money.

These tips will allow you to know the proper etiquette when placing wagers on Roulette games. With many players flocking to the Roulette table because of the payouts, it should be easy to find a full table which will decrease the amount of time your money is exposed to the house edge. If you simply follow the dealer’s direction while betting, there should be no problem when playing this simple, easy to learn game.